A revolutionary technology designed to simplify your Price decision making
  • Simplifies the decision making for your hotel´s distribution
  • Integrates quickly and agile processes and data reports
  • Increases the NetRevPar of the hotel and maximizes profitability
  • Optimizes the efficiency of the revenue management team
Complete Data Reports Complete and easily to download reports in Excel. Smart Revenue collects a large amount of data so you do not miss any information when making your price decisions.
The reports include:
  • Data 365 days in advance
  • Days of the week comparisons with same time last year data and final results
  • Pick up monitoring up to two weeks in advance
  • Collection of information by room type
  • Inclusion of no-show costs and cancellation charges
  • Confirmed and tentative groups management
Personalized Market Trends
There are many external factors that influence the reservation patterns of our clients, so predicting behavior is difficult when not having the adequate resources.

Smart Revenue gives you access to flight passengers information in your area, weather forecast, availability and occupancy in your city. You can also include other parameters through the filters, up to 120 days in advance.
Competitive Analysis
Our competitors are no longer a challenge in our pricing and distribution strategy.

Smart Revenue can monitor up to 6 competitors through an integrated Rate Shop tool that not only allows you to see the daily rates, availability and restrictions, but also the changes in the prices that you have made in the last 120 days from the selected date.
Calendar of Events

Smart Revenue helps you schedule and take control of upcoming seasonal periods, events or holidays in the city and country. At the same time, it allows the search of specific events in a selected city or the creation of special dates on which to apply repetition parameters.

Furthermore, you also have the option to track and compare the evolution of demand for the events of interest.
Ranking and Reputation Insights
Compare average selling prices and your reputation score of up to 25 related hotels in your area of influence, as well as your daily classification and rates.

This data can be used to drive specific marketing campaigns and adjust strategies to respond to customer demands in real time.
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